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Doc Rivers On Character and Culture

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Doc Rivers (@DocRivers) is the Head Coach for the Milwaukee Bucks and a PCA National Advisory Board Member. He had a stellar playing career with Marquette University and several NBA teams before moving on to coach the Orlando Magic and then the Celtics, whom he led to the 2008 NBA Championship. Rivers is also a prominent sports parent, most notably as father of Austin Rivers, who played at Duke University before joining his father with the Clippers in 2015.

In this video, Rivers talks about the relationship between character and team culture, and how a coach’s vision can positively shape both. Rivers seeks "character, not characters" in athletes when building solid team culture because athletes with character are integral to the success of a team. The coaching staff has a choice when they add team members, and it’s crucial to build a team with players of strong moral character.

A roster made up of individuals of character will contribute to the type of team culture and roles needed by the coach. If a coach wants to build a culture of winning and sacrifice, this has to be built first at the individual athlete level.