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Christian Lavers: Using Body Language To Move On To The Next Play Quickly

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Christian Lavers (@CLavers1) is the Executive Vice President of C2SA (a part of CSM NA). He leads business development efforts for both US Club Soccer and it's management company, CS2A. Lavers continues to support and consult on efforts relating to US Club Soccer, particularly in the area of strategic and technical development. Lavers is also the President of the ECNL.

Lavers says that body language of players gives an insight into their minds. A player who has their head dropped and shoulders slumped is not focused on the next play and not going to get better. He tells his players that when they make a mistake and hit adversity, they need to pick their heads up and put their shoulders up. These little changes can make players feel like there is something they can do to get beyond it. Lavers is amazed by how much body language impacts young athletes' confidence.