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Being A Good Teammate Makes You Better

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Brian McBride, (@BMcBride20), had a 17 year professional soccer career serving as a captain for the US Men's National Team. He played professionally for Columbus Crew, Chicago Fire and Fulham and earned 96 caps in international competition. He currently serves on PCA's National Advisory Board, is an ESPN analyst, and is a co-founder and CSO of Tipevo , which is focused on bringing a first of its kind digital platform to transform the entire youth sports experience.

Here, McBride says, the biggest factor in becoming a successful athlete is having "the knowledge that you can always get better." Combining the knowledge of getting better with the drive to get better will certainly help an athlete succeed, but one crucial part that ultimately leads to achieving peak performance is supporting and leading a team. Those two factors plus being a supportive teammate lends itself to success based upon fun, learning to get better through support of teammates, and leadership.