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Athletes: Focus On Being A Person First, Athlete Second

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Kelly Kratz (@kellymkratz) is a Positive Coaching Alliance Lead Trainer, administering workshops for coaches, parents, athletes, and leaders since 2009. She brings a wealth of experience to PCA as a former Division-1 field hockey and lacrosse player at St. Joseph's University, former college and high school basketball coach, and high school lacrosse coach. Kelly also has a Master's degree in Guidance & Counseling and is a proud sports parent of four daughters.

Here, Kratz points out that even the most competitive and successful athletes should focus on being people first, who look after their teammates more than themselves and their individual performance. This 'big picture' mentality and ability to identify as people first allows players to be better teammates.

She urges that athletes remember this and to play because they love the sport. This approach not only makes for better teammates, but also allows players to move on quickly from mistakes because they still know they are a good person regardless of performance outcomes.