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AJ Hinch On How Being A Catcher Builds Leadership

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AJ Hinch (@ajhinch) fomrerly managed Major League Baseball's Houston Astros. He played for Stanford University, followed by eight seasons with the Oakland A’s, Kansas City Royals, Detroit Tigers, and Philadelphia Phillies.

In this video, Hinch discusses how the unique characteristics and leadership skills that develop from being a catcher in basebal translate into managerial success. He explains how catcher is the only position that requires interaction and participation in every aspect of the game. That helps the catcher learn more about the sport and gain a different perspective than that available from any other position on a baseball team.

He stresses the importance of being a relatable figure to the players on and off the field, which brings out the best in the players’ performance. As a catcher, this often stems from the naturally intense interaction with the manager and the pitcher that the position requires.

In another segment of the clip, Hinch talks about how his catching experience prepared him to relate to teammates of other ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds and upbringings as a manager. He also points to PCA National Advisory Board Members Bruce Bochy and Brad Ausmus as fellow catchers who made the leap to becoming MLB managers.