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4 Reasons Coaches Should Participate In Practice

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Jason Sacks (@jrsacks22), the former Executive Director for PCA Chicago, is now PCA's Director of Business Development. After coaching at the collegiate level, he turned his attention to High School Basketball and is now the Assistant Coach at Perspectives (MSA) Charter High School in Chicago.

Sacks says here that coaches should not be afraid to participate in practice for four reasons:

  1. Show what you want - playing in a drill helps showcase exactly what you want to see from the players
  2. Build credibility as they see you in action - show your team that you know what you're talking about
  3. Show you're a part of the team - playing shows that you aren't a bystander, but a caring member of the group that knows what they're going through
  4. Encourages athletes to work hard - your athletes will want to beat you, and they should! Encourage them to play hard and aim to beat the coach