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3 Ways Coaches Can Make Running Positive And Fun

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Jason Sacks (@jrsacks22), the former Executive Director for PCA Chicago, is now PCA's Director of Business Development. After coaching at the collegiate level, he turned his attention to High School Basketball and is now the Assistant Coach at Perspectives (MSA) Charter High School in Chicago.

In this clip, Sacks describes three different ways that a coach can use running as positive reinforcement instead of punishment. A coach can use the following three techniques to shift the way athletes think about running:

  1. Explain that running is an opportunity to get better. After a practice scrimmage, don’t have the losers run but have the winners run because they have earned the opportunity to improve.
  2. Show that running makes them more prepared and helps them do better next time.
  3. Ask the players if they want to run and have them make the decision. Putting the decision in their hands makes it so that they will choose to run and it won't feel like it is forced on them by a coach.