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No Reason to Keep Score For Disabled Baseball Players

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Positive Coaching Alliance is proud to share information on sports participation for disabled youth from Little League® Baseball, an organization that focuses on leadership, character and courage that supports over 2.4 million youth participants every year.

At this link, Little League describes what they have done to integrate the physically and mentally disabled into the sport of baseball. In their ‘Challenger’ division, they make sure that disabled players receive the same uniforms, shoulder patches, and safety equipment as other Little League Players. This way the disabled do not feel like they are treated differently as they have the same opportunities as players who are not disabled.

However, in this Challenger division, it is recommended that no score be kept and that every player get an opportunity to play. By focusing on the opportunity to play instead of competitiveness, disabled youth gain social benefits and life lessons from baseball like being part of a team and rising above adversity. As Little League suggests, these lessons should not only receive attention for the disabled, but for all who are involved in baseball at a young age.

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