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Focuses For 1st-Time Coaches

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When you accept the job of Coach, you are accepting responsibility for your players, their parents, and your school or youth sports organization. You have the opportunity to impact young lives positively, and it is your duty to prepare for the season so that you can achieve the best possible outcomes.

The first thing you as a new coach should do is to thoughtfully consider why you are coaching. Your answer to this question will dictate your philosophy and approach to practices and games. There isn’t a standard answer to this question, but many coaches ultimately hope to impart a new skills and teach life lessons that will help players on and off the field. As a coach, you are perfectly positioned to do just that!

In context of your philosophy, you should focus on four key areas: safety, motivation, techniques and fun. If you develop practice plans with these four elements in mind, the team will excel and have a good experience. Coaches should strive to have all players enjoy the sport, so that they can continue to grow athletically and socially in a team environment.

Your responsibilities extend beyond practices and games, and first-year coaches should expect to take a lead in managing carpooling, snack schedules, and other administrative organization needs. No matter what sport you are coaching, team organization is crucial to success. You should get to know your youth athletic organization, including any rules or policies they may have for coaches. Then you should communicate and prepare effectively with parents/guardians so that all contributors to the athlete’s experience are on the same page.

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