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Lee Hancock: It's Not What You Teach, But How You Teach It

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Listen in as Positive Coaching Alliance goes 1-on-1 in interviews with top pro and college players, coaches, executives and other major sports figures who provide tips, tools, information and inspiration for youth and high school sports coaches, parents and student-athletes.

This 1-on-1 interview features Dr. Lee Hancock (@DrLeeHancock ), High Performance Consultant for professional athletes, coaches at all levels, business and team leaders, students, parents and organizations. With years of involvement in soccer, Hancock is currently the Director of Player and Coach Development at the LA Galaxy South Bay.

Tina Syer (@tinasyer4) Former PCA President, talks to Hancock about his experiences as a first-time coach, what he thinks a good coach looks like, the right environment for success, and more.

Hancock discusses how important it is for coaches to have both the right content and the art of coaching. He shares his mentality of "it's not what you teach but how you teach it," and advises coaches do their research online, watch other coaches, and learn how to be the best coach. He covers topics of team management, playing time, and athlete independence.

Coaches of all ages can benefit from listening to Hancock's tips, including these for the first 5 minutes of practice:

  • Greet athletes enthusiastically and with a personal connection
  • Get athletes moving right away
  • Set the stage for the day

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