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How Sports Done Right Helps Youth Affected By Trauma

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PCA recently hosted Founder of We Coach, Megan Bartlett, on the Power of Positive Podcast, powered by Tipevo.

On PCA’s new Power of Positive podcast, powered by Tipevo (@TipevoHQ) PCA connects with athletes, coaches, and business leaders within the PCA community to discuss topics in youth and high school sports, leadership development, culture and of course...the Power of Positive!

This Power of Positive Podcast interview features Megan Bartlett (@meganabartlett), founder of We Coach. Megan has spent most of her career working in, designing, and advocating for programs that use sports to promote youth development and positively impact communities.

Jason Sacks (@jrsacks22), Vice President of Business Development and Philanthropy for PCA (@PositiveCoachUS), speaks with Megan about how coaches can work with kids who have experienced trauma- in other words, trauma-informed coaching. Kids with a traumatic past have been wired in a way that makes their stress response overactive, but at We Coach, Bartlett has identified ways to help use sport to combat that, such as:

  • Structure, predictability, consistency
  • Competence/skill building (chances to get better at something)

To learn more about Trauma-Informed programming, listen to our podcast!

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