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Team Climate Tips For Youth Sports Coaches

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Keeping children safe and preventing bullying on your team is an important task for a coach. The steps described here help coaches cultivate pro-social behavior that supports team success, in part by ensuring the youth athletes' emotional safety.

Awareness is an important first step. Avoid tunnel vision, split your attention, and keep track of the emotional and physical state of all team members. Another key step is to set boundaries early and stop any problems as soon as they arise.

When addressing any problem, stay in charge and delegate only when appropriate. For example, adults often tell children to “solve it yourself,” but that is only appropriate for children of an age and maturity level at which they can assess and understand their own behaviors and consequences. And, if you need help from other adults to ensure safety, seek out peers and supervisors when necessary.

For the full list of tips for fostering a team climate of safety and respect, download the PDF below.

This resource stems from a Positive Coaching Alliance Trusted Resource - Kidpower - a nonprofit leader in abuse and violence prevention for children and adults. Kidpower makes it FUN to learn about being safe, rather than scary. Caring adults can use the Kidpower Method™ to protect children and teens from bullying, child abuse, abduction, and other violence.

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