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Making Up Schoolwork When You Miss Class For Sports

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Lesley Martin is an Academic Success Coach and founder of ClassTracker, a company that makes planners for students and schools. She’s authored two books geared towards student success: Where’s My Stuff and Make the Grade. Her latest product, The Ultimate Student Planner by ClassTracker is designed specifically to help students manage their hectic lives.

By Lesley Martin

As a student-athlete you stand a pretty good chance of missing some classes in order to compete in games, meets, and matches. And, the way many school and sports schedules work, you often will miss the same class repeatedly.

This is hard for you AND your teachers. Making sure you stay up to speed on when you are going to miss class and working with your teachers to come up with a plan to make up your work are the key tools to helping you stay on top of your academics during your sports seasons.

Tip #1: Make sure you know when you are going to miss class.

Take responsibility for knowing your competition schedule and when you will miss class. Whether your schedule is posted online or on a piece of paper, at the beginning of the season copy it into your planner and add it to your online calendar so that you know when you might miss class. (Some schools have online schedules that you can add to your own online calendar so you don’t have to type it in!)

Tip #2: Establish a plan to make up what you missed in class.

As soon as you know about a class you likely will miss, find a time as soon as possible to talk to your teacher. Missing class is a drag for you (you have to find a time in your already busy schedule to make up the work), but it’s also hard for your teachers because they will also need to find a time to help you make up what you missed.

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