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Healing Centered Coaching: Asking "What is right with you?"

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PCA and Coaching Corps both share a desire to ensure high quality coaches are engaging with our youth, particularly those who have experience in social/emotional skill development and can work with youth to identify, target and help improve deficiencies. With these two organizations working together to ensure the best options for youth, PCA will funnel volunteer coaches to Coaching Corps for best placement in communities with the most need.

Players come to our teams with many strengths waiting to be built upon and developed. Sports can be a venue that helps kids build skills that go beyond the field, such as teamwork, goal setting and persistence. Healing-centered coaching creates connections with kids that start from a place of expanding possibilities. Belief in what's possible is powerful and can increase kids' confidence and sense of self.

To learn more about healing-centered coaching and download the full PDF from Coaching Corps, click below!

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