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Discussion Guide: Hoop Dreams

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The downloadable resource below is a part of PCA's collection of movie discussion guides, which aim to help you make the most out of movie viewing with your team or child. Movies provide a plethora of "teachable moments" that can be seized upon by coaches and parents to help young athletes take away lessons that will help them be successful, contributing members of society.

Hoop Dreams is a fascinating documentary, filmed over a four year period, following the lives of Chicago high school basketball players Arthur Agee and William Gates. The film contrasts two players and their struggles to succeed in basketball in the face of poverty, injury and academic eligibility while trying to satisfy one of the most legendary coaches in Chicago high school basketball history, Gene Pingatore of St. Joseph’s High School.

Both boys struggle in the face of their different adversities to make it to the collegiate level, and the impact of the film is in director Steve James’ ability to connect with William, Arthur and their families on a personal level. Without their trust, the message and values of the film would be lost.

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