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Coaching Girls Guide: How to Get and Keep Girls Playing

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In partnership with Nike and WeCoach, this guide was designed to serve program leaders and coaches working to recruit and retain girls in sport. This builds from the Women's Sports Foundation's April 2019 report "Coaching Through a Gender Lens," and the work of other researchers and practitioners in the field.

The guide takes learning and research, and translates them into actionable tools. These recommendations have come together based on a review of the research on Girls in Sport, A Convening of Experts and Leaders, and a test with coaches working in the field.

The research shows girls love to play and play hard. Even so, they start sports later and leave earlier than boys do-- often because of family and community expectations or because of negative experiences. That's a big problem because girls need the benefits that sports offer. The good news is the right coach can make all of the difference.

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